Dietetic Pocket Guide Adults

Nicolette Wierdsma, Hinke Kruizenga and Rebecca Stratton

It was a huge job: 288 pages containing data from all over the world.

Painstakingly checked and verified round after round.

But now it is here! The Dietetic Pocket Guide, adult version. (The one for kids will follow in 2018.)

Two very happy authors: Dr. Hinke Kruizenga and Dr. Nicolette Wierdsma.

Not on the photo: their dear colleague and co-author, Rebecca Stratton, PhD, living in the UK.

Three passionate scientists who produced a brand-new pocket guide for health practitioners working in clinical nutrition.

It will prove to be an essential gold mine for all professionals in the field.


The Dietetic Pocket Guide Adults is designed to help dietitians working in all care settings and with all patient groups to complete a full dietetic assessment and diagnosis.

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‘The essential pocket guide for health practitioners working in clinical nutrition - should be a part of every nutrition tool kit.’

Liz Isenring, PhD, AdvAPD, Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics, Bond University Robina, Queensland, Australia

‘A gold mine of information for dietitians and all professionals who have an interest in clinical nutrition.’

André van Gossum, PhD, MD, Chairman of ESPEN, the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

‘It is truly a ‘pocket guide’ but its size in no way compromises its level of insight and use. This guide promotes and encourages our profession and is a real contribution and asset for dietitians. I am sure this is one little book they would all like to have in their pockets.’

Anne E de Looy, PhD, RD, Honorary President of EFAD, the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians


  1. Chris Struiksma-Diagnostiek van technisch lezen en aanvankelijk spellenDr. Chris Struiksma, Diagnostiek van technisch lezen en aanvankelijk spellen (1986)
    60.000 exemplaren verkocht
  2. mirjam pol-nog slimmerMirjam Pol, Nog slimmer! Wegwijzer voor efficiënt en effectief studeren (2008)
    27.000 exemplaren verkocht
  3. Bert Keizer-Onverklaarbaar bewoondDr. Bert Keizer, Onverklaarbaar bewoond. Het wonderlijke domein van de hersenen (2010)
    20.000 exemplaren verkocht
  4. Marijke van Dijk-Schrijven en presenteren op academisch niveauDrs. Marijke van Dijk, Schrijven en presenteren op academisch niveau (2009)
    12.000 exemplaren verkocht
  5. Erik Wolters-Parkinsonism and Related DisordersProf. dr. Erik Wolters, Parkinsonism and Related Disorders (2008)
    7.000 exemplaren verkocht