Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders: Motor Behavioural Disorders and Behavioural Motor Disorders

Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders is an up-to-date, multidisciplinary overview, covering the compete field of motor behavioural ánd behavioural motor disorders. After an introductory section with a.o. a timely review of pathology in abnormal protein aggregations, the aetiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic and differential diagnostic procedures, and conventional, pharmacotherapeutic and neurosurgical strategies of the various disorders are dealt with. Related non-motor behavioural disorders are also covered in this textbook, including psychogenic and psychiatric behavioural disorders, stereotypies, OCD, ICD and ADHD.
This book is an essential practical source for all medical and allied health professionals dealing with movement disorder patients, but also for researchers seeking a comprehensive, in-depth overview.