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Dealing with Persistent Problems

Transitions in Health Systems

Nowadays, health care is confronted with a wide variety of problems: new emerging or re-emerging diseases, rising costs, increasingly complex management processes, and so on. Since the 1990s most nations have tried to deal with these problems by reforming their health systems. However, many of these reforms did not succeed in realizing the desired gains in efficiency and equity.

This book aims at exploring persistent problems in health systems and health system reform from an innovative perspective – the perspective of the new, emerging scientific field of system innovation and transition theory. This generates new and refreshing insights on how to innovate health systems. In particular, strategies that could be labelled transition experiments – involving all relevant stakeholders exploring new constellations in niches – are described and analyzed.
Dr. Jacqueline Broerse is associate professor of “public engagement in health and life sciences”. Since 2007, she is head of the Department Science Communication (Athena Institute), VU University Amsterdam. Her research is focused on methodology development for realizing a science-society dialogue in new and emerging (system) innovations in the health and life sciences.
Joske Bunders is Professor Biology and Society at the VU University Amsterdam and director of the Athena Institute. Her specific field of interest is the linking of knowledge and expertise of end users (e.g. patients) with developments in modern science and (inter) national policy. She has published widely in the area of biotechnology and the role of users in shaping the innovation process.