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Once the text is ready, your printed book will be available within two months at the Centraal Boekhuis and a month later at Amazon. We don’t have a ‘waiting list’. We work especially fast, thanks in part to a large team of freelancers.

One editor

You will deal with one editor, and just one. This keeps the lines of communication short and clear. Our authors have considerable ‘say’ in decisions about the design and layout, so we create the book together.

Low price

The retail prices of our volumes are relatively low. This can be ascribed to our low overhead and our company philosophy: we are a service-publisher for VU University. But we also welcome authors from elsewhere.

Authors of the month

Aleth Bolt & Walter Bruins

Effective Scientific Writing: An Advanced Learner’s Guide to Better English

Aleth Bolt & Walter Bruins

Writing a scientific article in English is often a major challenge for non-native speakers of the language. This guide now offers help, especially for non-native speakers of English. It provides comprehensive and practical advice for graduate students (Master’s and PhD) and researchers from various disciplines. It presents all the essential elements for writing a successful scientific paper: getting started and structuring your thoughts structuring your paper citing sources writing well-...

Recent titles

Our titles are represented by Ef & Ef Media

Moskeewerk in de buurt

Een case study in Amsterdam

272 pp., 25.00
Risky Liasons?

Democracy and Religion: Reflections and Case Studies

219 pp., 29.95
Geld. Wat is het, wat doet het, waar komt het vandaan?
Geld. Wat is het, wat doet het, waar komt het vandaan?

pp., 44.50 37.50
The Future of Lived Religious Leadership

State of the art review of leadership theories and practices of lived religion.

258 pp., 34.95
The Future of Lived Religious Leadership

AmSTaR nr. 7

258 pp., 34.95
Math up!

Math up! 20 Steps to conquer dyscalculia

120 pp., 19.95
Onderzoek van het bewegingsapparaat

Een praktische handleiding

79 pp., 9.90
Oud worden is normaal


64 pp., 12.50

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All of our titles are available via the Centraal Boekhuis. It is also possible to deliver them directly to you, via the Vervoerscentrale or Post.NL. Our publishing house forms part of the VU Boekhandel, which has a daily CB-link. We publish titles under the imprints VU University Press, Vesuvius and VU Uitgeverij.

Ef & Ef Media

Our titles are represented by Ef & Ef Media, in the person of Paul Impens (+31 (6) 291 082 94) and Ronald Rhebergen (+31 (6) 224 247 90).

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